14/09/2023 – Kristianstads Konsthall – Regionmuseet Skåne

I am happy to announce my paarticipation in the exhibition “Din Konst!” at Kristianstads Konsthall – Regionmuseet Skåne. My very large floor photography “I caught a glimspe now it haunts me” will be on display.

17/08/2023 – Solo Exhibition at Hedvig Elenora church in Stockholm

Im happy to announce my upcoming solo exhibition at Hedvig Elenora church in Stockholm Sweden.

– Chart Art Fair Copenhagen 24-27/8, 2023

Im happy to announce that my new book This is Annee Olofsson will be for sale at the stand of my publisher Praun & Guermouche at Chart Art Fair in Copenhagen – Charlottenborg.

I will sign my book at their stand 25/8 at 16-17 pm and 26/8 at 15-16 pm.

– Will you still love me tomorrow at Nordia Law – Moderna Samlare

My work Will you still love me tomorrow is now installed at Nordia Law in Stockholm – A collaboration with Moderna Samlare.

– Fotografisk Tidskrift # 2, 2023

Im very happy for this great review in Fotografisk Tidskrift # 2

10/05/2023 – Kyungpook National University Art Museum, Daegu, South Korea

Im happy to announce my participation in the exhibition “Say” curated by Seo Han-gyeol at Kyungpook National University Art Museum in Daegu, South Korea.

– Dalarnas Museum in Falun

Im happy to announce my participation in the exhibition “Från svartvitt till färgrikt” at Dalarna Museum in Falun, Sweden

– Brillo Vox Talk Annee Olofsson

Now you can hear me and Calle Carboni talk about my art at Brillo Vox talks!

– The 2023 receiver of the Stockholms Stads Kulturstipendium/Visual Arts 2023

I am happy to announce that I have received the honorable Stockholms Stad Kulturstipendium in visual arts 2023.
Mottagare av Stockholm Stads Kulturstipendium/Bildkonst 2023.
The motivation:

“With a skilled attention to details and variety, we get to meet Annee Olofsson’s art in places in the city that belong to us all: a facade, a hospital, a school. She explores vital subjects with conviction that the worldly originates in the familiar. The works raises new thoughts and provide the viewer to breeding grounds for existential conversations.”

– Black Iris at Gamla Gasverket during Stockholm Artweek

I am happy to announce my participation in Black Iris second show “Explosive Vision” – this time at Gamla Gasverket during Stockholm Artweek and fridays and saturdays 12-16 til june 4th. or by appointment info@blackiris.se
Participating artists: Annee Olofsson, Gunilla Klingberg, Anna Camner, Matthias van Arkel, Maria Nordin, Eva Mag, Ulrika Sparre, Marcus Mårtenson, Julia Peirone, Stefan Otto, Juan Pedro Fabra Guemberena
More info at www.blackiris.se

13/02/2023 – Konsten i maktens korridorer at Statens Konstråd

Im happy to announce my participation in this show.

The State Arts Council – Statens Konstråd offers a unique opportunity to see parts of the art that will hang on the government office’s premises. A selection of the art produced is shown during the period February 16 to April 25 at the State Arts Council at Skeppsholmen, Stockholm.

– Stuff it at Bonniers Konsthall

Im participating in this fun show!

In conjunction with Peter Geschwind’s exhibition After Image, Bonniers Konsthall opens one of his galleries and welcomes artists to participate with a work. The initiative is a sequel to Stuff IT, an exhibition that took place in 1998 at the artist -driven gallery Ynglingagatan 1, where Geschwind had a leading role.

18/01/2023 – First Brillo Vox 2023

Im happy to announce my talk at Brillo/Brillo Vox in Stockholm the 27th of january between 08.00-09.00
This morning my book publisher Praun & Guermouche will be around to promote and sell my new book “This is Annee Olofsson”
Please RSVP in link below!


Im very happy to announce that my new book THIS IS ANNEE OLOFSSON is out!
296 pages with images of my works from 1999 til 2022 and with texts by Ruth Noack, Alice Hutchison, Aneta Szylak, Milovan Farronato a.o
Images and text about the book you can find at the printing house www.praun-guermouche.com where you can also order it.
It can also be bought at the book shop in Stockholm www.konstig.se

29/09/2022 – Liberation

Im happy to announce that 3 of my photographs “Skinned” is printed in the french daily magazine Liberation 8/9.2022.

– Reptilhjärnan # 8 Art & Music

Im happy to announce my participation in Klas Barbrosson´s magazine Reptilhjärnan # 8 – Art & Music. Other participants are Henrik Håkansson, Annika Elisabeth Von Hausswolff, Isak Sundström, Lotta Antonsson, Lars-Erik Hjertström Lappalainen, Fatima Moallin, Annika Ström, Klas Barbrosson a.o

12/05/2022 – BAD REVIEWS

Im happy to announce my participation in this fun project by Aleksandra Mir and Tim Griffin. The book Bad Reviews published by IG@retrospectivepress and edited by Aleksandra Mir and Tim Griffin is an artist book with Bad Reviews of 150 artists who submitted their worst reviews for reprint. Beginning in the 1960s and including translations from thirteen languages, this collaborative project makes for the broadest historical and geographical survey of severe Art Criticism, its shifting form, nature, and impact, by those directly subjected to it – the artists. As soon as I get a copy in my mailbox I put out more images and texts.

28/04/2022 – Black Iris at Alma

Im happy to announce my participation in the exhibition “Love is the drug” at Alma in Stockholm. The exhibition is hosted by Black Iris. www.blackiris.se where you can see more of my works as well as the other artsits included in the group Black Iris.

24/04/2022 – Västerås Konstmuseum

Im happy to announce my participation in the show “Samlingen” at Västerås Konstmuseum. Themes for the show is “Människa, Plats och Handling”.
I show my video “Evil Eye” in the main exhibition “Människa”


Timo Menke writes about “Ljuspunkter i stadsrummet” where he talks with Frida Cornell and Stefan Otto from Stockholm Konst about their project Konstpaus where I showed 3 short versions of my videos in february-march 2022.

– Paletten # 326

A small text about the devil, youth, desires and passions in Paletten # 326

05/02/2022 – Konstpaus # 9 – Stockholm Konst

I am showing 3 of my videoworks on the largest LED videoscreens in Stockholm City.

Karoshi(2001) at Sveavägen/Kungsgatan.
Under a Serpent Sun(2011) at Stureplan.
The Thrill is Gone (2002) at Katarinahissen/Slussen.

The videos is to be seen 4 times/hour from 4th of february until 18th of march 2022.

11/12/2021 – ATTENTION!!!

Unfortunately I have severe technical problems with my homepage. Please contact me for more information about my works at studio@anneeolofsson.com
New updated homepage will be up and running during spring 2023!

09/12/2021 – www.blackiris.se

I am happy to announce my participation in this amazing projects www.blackiris.se
Black Iris is a group of well-established Swedish artists who have come together without the involvement of any third party such as galleries, curators or agents.
This platform is meant to show who we are and give us a chance to share our art. Black Iris was founded in 2021 by Mattias & Anna Camner.

16/11/2021 – Group show at HenProjects, Stockholm

Flogging a Dead Horse – Group exhibition at HenProjects in Stockholm.

– Statens Konstråd Coronasamlingen

Im happy to announce that Statens Konstråd in Stockholm have acquired three photographs from the series Joint Custody from 2021 to their Corona collection.

13/10/2021 – Filmform the Art film and Video archive

I am happy to announce that Stiftelsen Filmform in Stockholm has accepted 8 of my video works to their distribution.



15/03/2021 – Will you still love me tomorrow at a Stockholm law firm with Moderna Samlare

Two of my photographs  in the series “Will you still love me tomorrow” is now hanging in a new law firm in the center of Stockholm. Placed and arranged by Moderna Samlare.

05/01/2021 – Solo exhibition at Höganäs Museum och Konsthall

Im happy to announce that I will be this summers main exhibitor at Höganäs Museum och Konsthall this summer.

17/12/2020 – SeMA – Permanent collection

Im happy to announce that Im now included in the permanent collection at SeMA(Seoul Museum of Art) in Korea.

24/09/2020 – Public talk about photography in the public space

Im am happy to announce my talk at CFF about photography in the public space together with curator Frida Cornell.

Thursday first of october at 17.30-18.30

10/01/2020 – More to come 2020

2019 was a busy year so not much time for admin. In the spring of 2020 I will do major updates on my homepage, adding new artworks, projects etc.

Keep updated!

– The Corner at Whitman-Walker, Washington DC

I am happy to announce my participation in the exhibition “When we first arrived” at The corner at Whitman-Walker curated by Ruth Noack. The exhibition is organised in close collaboration with DYKWTCA(Do you know where the children are?) an initiative by artists Mary Ellen Carroll and Lucas Michael. The show include 100+leading visual artist: Jessica Craig-Martin, Trisha Donnelly, Dana Hoey, Dan Graham, Paul Pfeiffer, Laurie Simmons, Fred Tomaselli, Lawrence Weiner, Ugo Rondinone, Mary Ellen Carroll a.o.

More info coming soon.

21/10/2019 – Out now!

The major catalogue from The Bangkok Art Biennale “Beyond Bliss” 2018 is out now.

10/10/2019 – Ed-Art popup Västermalm, Stockholm

I will show my  etching – photo polymer “Mourning hours days of mirage nights of mist”

12/08/2019 – Hood Museum of Art

I am happy to announce that I am now represented at Hood Museum of Art in Darthmouth, Hanover, NH, USA

13/06/2019 – SeMA, Seoul, Korea

Im happy to announce my participation in the group show “Aging World” with Anna Witt, Yoon Ji Young, Optical Race, Lauren Greenfield, Sunju Kim, Lia Laukant, Wise Architecture a.o, curated by Hyejin Kim at SeMa (Seoul Museum of Art) in Seoul, Korea.

23/04/2019 – Let`s BAB!

Im happy to announce my participation in the show Let´s BAB at BAB Box, One Bangkok, Thailand with Yayoi Kusama, Dow Wasiksiri, Ralf Tooten, Paolo Canevari, Sakarin Krue_on and Choi Jeong Hwa, curated by Apinan Poshyananda.

19/03/2019 – Armory week – Nordic Impressions Panel Discussion

Nordic Impressions panel discussion with Marthe Thorshaug and Anneè Olofsson, Moderated by Dr. Klaus Ottmann

March 9 12 pm at The Scandinavia House, New York


17/02/2019 – Public Artwork at Hässelbygårdsskolan

I am happy to announce that my neon work ” Vi är kemi – Serotonin C10H12N20 and Adrenalin C9H13No3 is now installed at Hässelbygårdskolan in Stockholm.

A work made possible by Stockholm Konst.