Until Tomorrow Doesn’t Always Come

Painted wood, roap, iron

As the title reveals, internationally renowed artist Anneè Olofsson’s first solo exhibition at Galleri Andersson / Sandström focuses on life’s unpredictability. In photo and sculpture Olofsson investigates man’s involuntary confinement and relationship to life in its final stage.

Anneè Olofsson’s art has a penetrating quality which makes it unforgettable. She returns repeatedly to her own body as an unrestricted artistic tool. Her parents have had important roles in her stagecraft as well. Bodies become symbols, which tell not only of our inscrutability, but of our human limitations as well. Her father’s passing closed one door in her artistic work, but involuntary opened a new one. “Until tomorrow doesn’t always come” introduces a new chapter in Olofsson’s artistry were closer is unavoidable in order to make room for something new.