The Solitaires

Lackered nylon, 3D printed SLS
Various sizes 35×45×33cm–40×50×30cm

Solitaire #19440323269920130425
Solitaire #19220228244420050110
Solitaire #1891012019930930

Three sculptures by Olofsson “Solitaire #1897012019930930”, “Solitaire #19220228244420050110” and “Solitaire #19440323269920130425”. From her father’s estate, the artist has recast three small figurines, one boy and two girls. Painted black, they become shadows of an anonymous childhood, silhouettes of a lost time. Their poses suddenly appear peculiar, introverted and somewhat insecure. The sculptures in Solitaire are reminiscent of chance impacts on our lives and how powerless we are facing unpredictable events in life.

Essential to Olofsson’s artistry are the thoughts behind a work, allowing her to try new forms of artistic expression. Here, the sculptures are treated as three-dimensional photographs. The figurines were scanned, enlarged and printed using a 3D printer.