Mellan hägg och syrén

Mellan Hägg och Syrén (inbetween the Bird Cherry and the Lilac
Window views Hinseberg womens prison #1–4 / Window views Ersta childrens hospice #5–7 / Window views The estate of the artists father #8–9
Photo C-prints, All unique
Various sizes from 100×71cm–137×300cm

The photo series “In Between the Bird-cherry and the Lilac” examines human involuntary confinement during different stages in life. Through a window, taken from within selected sites, we meet the Swedish pre summer in its most beautiful, but shortest period. The two weeks when bird-cherry and lilac blossoms is a longed for period in the northern parts of Europe. Most people are not content with merely looking at the scenery, but step outside to experience the scents. An impossibility for the people in Olofsson´s work. “In Between the Bird-cherry and the Lilac” puts us in front of a view that remains a limitation for the room’s inherent.

By fine-tuned cropping and 1:1 scale the photos are given a sculptural expression. There is no edition of the series, each photo is unique.